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  • Broker to Banker
    • Guidance and coaching on migrating from mortgage broker to mortgage banker.  Introduction and selection of investors, warehouse banks, attorneys and other vendors necessary during the process.  We can assist with preparing for CFPB's warning concerning Mini-Correspondents.
  • Setting Expectations
    • Planning expectations for job performance for all positions, particularly MLO's.  Planning performance improvement for all positions, including management actions.
  • Reporting
    • A strong business measures every thing and every one.  We are experts at building meaningful, useful management reports which measure both input and output, by individual, production unit and total.     
  • Back Office Setup and Training 
    • Training and guidance on all back office operations: Warehousing, Funding, Insuring, Shipping, Trailing Docs, Reporting on the status of missing documents, etc.
    • Setting up Lock Desk Operations
    • Setting up a Disclosure Desk
  • Setting up a Compliance Department
    • Defining the different compliance duties, record keeping, preparing for examinations  (keep in mind, we can't change history, prepare NOW!, before you receive the examination notice.)
  • Shareholder Guidance
    • Frequently, the owners of a mortgage company are skilled at other businesses and want help understanding the mortgage business, its unique laws and regulations.  We also are adept at recruiting skilled employees, training existing employees or evaluating existing employees.
  • Software Guidance
    • Selecting or designing software for your unique circumstances.  (We don't program, we can assist your programmers in developing for your specific needs).  Frequently, we assist with connecting or moving data from one system into another for further processing and/or reporting.
  • Bank owned Mortgage
    • Mortgage departments are natural additions to a bank's lending operations but mortgage lending is  substantially different than any other kind of lending. We guide bankers through the decision analysis, planning and projections for a department, selecting employees, software, processes, management or even total restructuring of an existing department.
  • Capital Presentations 
    • Assistance preparing a capital raise presentation and presenting it, including answering background questions about the industry.
  • Mitigation
    • Sometimes, "stuff" happens.  We can assist you in working out of nearly any problem including working with your attorney to develop strategy.
CFPB Guidance on Mini-Correspondents

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