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Loan Origination Software 


This is the system that almost everyone grew up on – except the MLOs and processors that worked for Wells, Chase, Countrywide, B of A, etc.  The learning curve for new people is short. 

Point “works” out of the box and that has gotten a lot of people into trouble.  You need to configure Point so that it works properly before you begin using it.  Point can be used as a stand alone – which I advise against, or with PointCentral, which I highly recommend.  PointCentral provides some hierarchical password protections, the ability to  host and access remotely, document management and several other features that are critical in today’s environment.  There are third party hosting companies so that you do not need to manage the server, updates, backups, etc.

Point had a lock on the non-bank LOS business until the market started moving toward a mortgage banking model.  The executives at Point were a asleep and didn’t wake up until Encompass had taken about half their market share.


A friend of mine is a Point expert and has been for many years.  You may hire him to help set up your network or hosting or configure Point.  He also puts configuration tips on his website for free.  Following are some of his links:

His favorite tips for using Point and also setting up the FHA MI Tables in Point

Tips on resolving TRID issues in Point

You can reach my friend, Steven Breden at 817-581-2204 or steve3030@msn.com
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