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Loan Origination Software 


This is a relatively new system and I am leary of new LOS systems.  It appears to be a "side system" that a MLO can use away from the company controlled system.  I have not tested this system but if it does what it claims, this could be a game changer.  If the company was the subscriber and controlled the data, was able to get substantial reports from the system and could manage their compliance with it, I would be interested.  Most of the time MLOs use these "side systems" as a way to avoid the controls the company necesarily puts on loan information so that it can manage compliance risks.  

The company claims that Floify is fully integrated with Encompass and they claim that they have a secure portal where the borrower can log on and upload or review documents in a way that eliminates emailing of documents - which is a security risk in today's world. View their information page here


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