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In today's compliance world, it is very important to keep your mortgage tasks and your high risk tasks close to you.  Don't outsource them.  Examples are:
Compliance review - both pre-closing and immediate post-closing (this is not the same as your post closing QC)

But, there are standard business functions that do not require the close monitoring by and of your mortgage expertise
Human Resources

Fortunately, there is now a mortgage banker from an old Texas mortgage banking family, that has opened his mortgage HR and Accounting expertise to other mortgage lenders on a contract basis.  Proper mortgage GAAP accounting exceeds the capacity of Quickbooks and these folks learned that years ago.

Meet Lane Terrell, Carolyn Thomas and Alpine Pacific Advisors.  You may remember Lane from New America and America Home Key or you may remember him as Bud Terrell's son.  You may also remember Carolyn Thomas, also in Texas mortgage banking for many years with the last several years as a national warehouse Account Executive.

Lane has reassembled his mortgage Accounting and Human Resources team and is offering them as an outsource service.  His system manages the accounting down to the individual loan level with a P&L on each loan. If desired, they will also handle your payroll and unlike other payroll services, they will manage the MLO Commission compliance issues and make certain that the MLO is paid according to their commission agreement.  

You will receive a daily dashboard with bank balances, warehouse balances and MTD income.  Alpine Pacific will coordinate with your CPA if you need year end audits. Most year end audits are much faster because the accounting is organized and done correctly.

Alpine Pacific provides more detailed accounting at a lower cost than employing a CFO or staff accountants or bookkeepers and they are most certainly cheaper than buying a $30,000 accounting system and paying for training and annual license fees.

For these reasons, I recommend Alpine Pacific Advisors for outsourced Accounting and Human Resources.   

See their flier.

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